Monday, 15 October 2018

About the holidays

One thing i did in the holidays is that i went 18 times to my cousins house.All i did was eat praise (the lord father god) .And after that night at morning we had BBQ at white sunday.It was cool and fun because they had sausages,paddy,salad it was nice.Which i had a nice time.


  1. Hi Uati, I like what you did in the holidays. It sounded really delicious. I hope you had a fun time. My favorite thing in the holidays was when I went to watch the House with a Clock in it's Wall, some parts of the movie were scary.
    From Joel
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  2. Uati you are so lucky to have lots of cousins, what fun to be able to do lots of interesting things with them!!

  3. Hi Uati, I'm Tasfia from RM 24 at Owairaka District School. Your Blog post reminds me of my cousins in Bangladesh.
    Thanks for sharing what you did in the holiday. You should check out my Blog

  4. Malo My name is Apii in room 18.I really like your holidays story.I feel like a BBQ right now.I like the way you do your words about your story.I do white sundays as well at my own church it was fun for me to.Please blog on my blog it is ( see ya blog you later.


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