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What happened in the Arataki trip.

WALT: recount an event.
Remember to:
  • recount only the main/key events of the day
  • write in order
  • use a thesaurus to choose interesting words use.
  • check my writing makes sense and has corrected punctuation.
Key words
  • Arataki/Waitakere Rangers
  • Bendy bus
  • Loop track
  • Ms Best/Virginia
  • Stacy
  • Park Rangers
  • Kauri tree dieback /wash boots
  • Life cycle
  • Photosynthesis
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Invertebrates
  • Mirrors
  • Canopy
  • shrubs
  • Pooters - bug collectors

Fun times at Arataki
This feels horrible I thinks as I take another
scoop of the mud and rotting leaves.
It was as spiky as in my hands, like there
where a chain saw coming to cut my finger. I was in the middle
of Arataki Nature Reverse looking for bugs.

Then the teacher told us that we had to go in the marae
and learn about the life cycle of leaves. When we arrived
in there we looked at the paper and the paper told us everything
about the life cycle of a life.  It looked like a planning sheet.
Also, we had our competition to see which team can go the fastest
to show the life cycle of a leaf. When I was running I felt really
energised to run out of there (it was a competition to see which
was listening and who is not). Then it was time to go to another
place to look at the trees.

My dad said where are we going? And i said i don’t know.
 Another parent told us to follow them and when we were keep
on trying to tell them that we knew the way but the other children
and the other parents refused to listen. So when we were following
their ideas and then before we knew it we were lost because they didn’t
listen.  the they followed us the after and when they followed every step
of our’s we got back safe.

And then finally we could run get our bags and go on the bus.
 Before i knew it i was asleep and then we arrived at school and in my
mind i said yes, finally, this school long trip is over.And all i did after was


Friday, 29 June 2018

Ladybug Report

WALT: write an information report
Remember to:
  • Clearly explain what I am writing about in my title
  • Begin with a general comment and a hook
  • Use your planner to help with paragraphing
  • Use action verbs to describe behaviors
  • Include pictures and diagrams,
  • conclude  with an interesting statement about the topic.

Rendered Image
All about ladybugs
Have you ever wondered why are ladybugs called Ladybugs?  A long time ago farmers began calling the ladybugs ‘The Beetles of Our Lady", and then became known as "Lady Beetles" This is because they eat the pests that eat the plants and save the crops!
Did you know that the red wings represented the Virgin's cloak and the black spots represented her joys and sorrows.
A ladybug is an an insect. It is a vertebrate insect because it doesn't have a backbone. A ladybug has 2 pairs of wings so it has 4 wings. The outside one is hard to protect the inside ones. It has 6 legs and it has one pair of Antennas.Image result for facts about lady bugs

Some are red with without black spots and some are black with red spots. So not all ladybugs have red backs and black spots not all of them are the same.

A ladybug fact. One ladybug can consume 5,000 aphids in its life.  So Ladybugs are heros to plants. They help the farmers grow healthy plants. Ladybugs are a natural way to control pests such as aphids without using poisons that can get into the water. We need to look after them.


Our Arataki Visit

We were told to wash our shoes before we go on the walk.

We went for a walk and got lost.

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All about invertebrate and vertebrate.

All about invertebrate and vertebrate.

If some one is disturbing you from your learning MOVE!

poster all about moving if someone is disturbing you from you learning